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A hat, four clip-on bow ties, two loop ties, a watch, a sneaker, and a Can-O-Mat

These felt pen sketches were influenced by the drawings and paintings of Maira Kalman, the author of The Principles of Uncertainty (2007), etc.

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Fossicking for everything BUT gold around Linton

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Peter E. Sayers’ Travel Diary

In 1959 Peter E. Sayers, a serious young man from St. Kilda East, and nine other ‘young Australian ambassadors’ embarked on an amazing 3-month ‘grand tour’ of the USA.  They saw the best and the worst of Cold War America, … Continue reading

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Street Art in Brunswick

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Paintings by Ping

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A Winter’s Day at Linton

Our little mud hut at Linton has lots of gaps. Once we arrived to find a possum fast asleep in the loft. And on the last two visits a tiny bat had taken up residence beneath my old overcoat hanging … Continue reading

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Watercolour by the late Melbourne architect, Philip Sargeant

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Jerzy Faczynski

Jerzy Faczynski (1917-1995) was a Polish architect who migrated to England in 1939. He is perhaps best remembered for writing Studies in Polish Architecture (1946) and designing St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Leyland (1964). He was also an inveterate … Continue reading

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Dr. Watson Holmes Jackamara

Mudrooroo’s Aboriginal detective Dr. Watson Holmes Jackamara is one of the most interesting characters in Australian detective fiction. He is certainly a lot edgier than Arthur Upfield’s Aboriginal detective Napoleon Bonaparte, although Jackamara owes much to Bonaparte. Jackamara is the … Continue reading

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