Kidnap by Michael Jorgensen

save0569.jpg mick-jorgensen2.jpgMy old buddy Michael Jorgensen (left) had his fourth crime novel Kidnap reviewed in today’s Age (far left). Mick has also published around 20 books, including two by me. A publisher who isn’t deceitful, who isn’t a phony, and who pays his bills in full and on time — INCREDIBLE!

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  1. Hello. I’m an agents’ assistant looking to track down Mr. Jorgensen. Do you have contact info for him?

    We were wondering if he had any work that he would like to bring to a larger audience. We’d be happy to look at it.

    If you can’t pass out his info, can you pass along our invite?

    He can send a query to

    Thanks for your help and keep up the wonderful site!


    Claire Johnson

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