Ray Johnson’s Letter #1

In 1993, while working on my book Mail Art: The Do-It-Yourself Letterbox From Workshop To Gatepost, I wrote to legendary U.S. artist Ray Johnson, the ‘father’ of mail art, seeking his views about homemade letterboxes. This is his reply, written in watercolour paint:


2 thoughts on “Ray Johnson’s Letter #1”

  1. When I rode in Ray Johnson’s Car is wasn’t this GRANDE. We rode around Locust Valley, it was a Valley Wide trip.

    Years from Ray’s VW

    rain rien nevermind
    2101 baneberry way east
    chanhassen, MN 55317 you sofa

  2. I never rode in the aforementioned vehicle..i prefer the greater vehicle,but if I had it would have been indeed with our great late mr. johnson cause he was great and seldom late if there at all..but i really want to right home too..it happened here in zip code 75080.your friend,buzz

    206 murray lane richardson texas 75080

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