One thought on “Derham Groves discusses the Manning Clarke House designed by Robin Boyd

  1. This is a fascinating piece, which I enjoyed watching very much. Thank you. I have an indirect interest in the Canberra house, through some knowledge of Manning-Clark’s holiday house at Wapengo NSW. The connection sits next to me in my office/studio in the form of a student’s slate from the Wapengo school, dating back to the 1920s. The student was a Nathan Hunter or Robertson – uncle (in-law) who died early at 15 or 16. I feel some strange but deep connection with anything to do with Wapengo! That, and searching on the brand ‘Tarax’ prompted by a comment on a photo posted on the Lost Sydney Facebook site, landed me on your website, which I have now bookmarked of course. I used to sell that brand as a kid, on a certain Keith Sivertson’s fruit & vege bus around Canberra suburbs in the 60s. It’s a weirdly linked up world that we live in. By the way, it’s a shame that you didn’t win the council election!! You look and sound perfectly electable to me. Cheers and best wishes. Wayne Williams. Albion, Brisbane.

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