Mail Art Project

This envelope is being mailed from one student to another in my Popular Architecture and Design class. Each person has to add something to the envelope before sending it onto the next. Following is a photographic record of the “layers” that it has acquired to date.

One thought on “Mail Art Project

  1. Dear Derham, 🙂 Mr Black Jack of Ballarat,

    I’m a student at monash and we were asked to choose a artist book to review. Seeing the words Moriarty peeping out of the pile we had to choose from made it absolutely necessary for me to choose your work. I’ve been a Sherlock fan since my year 4 teacher read us part of the Speckled band and asked us to solve it..

    I just wanted to tell you that it was an awe inspiring read. I spent a lot of time with my fellow Holmesian friend analysing the paper and figuring out the type face just like Sherlock would have done to figure out more about the author (only to find the information in the back to our great dismay!)

    I do have one question though… Why did you choose Times as your typeface and not the more suitable “Baskerville”? It would have been the cherry on top of an already amazing book!

    I hope to one day be able to join the ranks of the BSI just like you.
    Best regards
    Michelle 🙂

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