Derham Groves

Anna May Wong’s Lucky Shoes

Architecture students doing my Popular Art, Architecture and Design course at the University of Melbourne have designed and made pairs of shoes for the Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong, which will appear in a book about Anna May to be published by the Culicidae Press early next year.  Here is a sample of the shoes:

Cheryl HeapAlexandra WallYoke Kim Lee

Tim Clarke

Neo FuKatie MillerEnjie WuAudrey ZerafaLinton HartScott O’ReillyAmanda TanLachlan MichaelFransisca SugiartoCallista SieNur Zafira Zainal AbidinZoe LewisLinna ZhengAndrew Robinson from the Footwear Department at RMIT gives the students some words of advice at the beginning of the project