Anna May Wong in Australia

Anna May Wong_27 Aug 09 012

Elaine Mae Woo, the director of Frosted Yellow Willows (2007), a documentary about the career of Anna May Wong, visited Melbourne last week for the Anna May Wong retrospective at ACMI. Pictured are moderator Philipa Hawker (above, left), Elaine and myself on stage following the screening of Frosted Yellow Willows on Thursday night at ACMI. Elaine and I spoke about Anna May Wong at the Chinese Museum on Saturday afternoon (below), and then I introduced Shanghai Express (1932), one of Wong’s best and most memorable films, at ACMI on Saturday night.


Brick Walls

I’ve designed a couple of brick walls for the apprentice bricklayers at Holmesglen TAFE to build. One is based on eating a vanilla slice and the other is based on Tintin’s rocket in Destination Moon by Hergé.

vanilla-slice.jpg tintins-rocket.jpg


PA270077Apprentice bricklayer Brett who built the Vanilla Slice Wall



Students in my Popular Art, Architecture and Design class also designed some brick walls for the bricklaying apprentices at Holmesglen to build. Here is a small sample of them:

Brendan Pope 115685 - Brick Wall.pdfJames Bond Wall—Brendon Pope

abbreyk road wall copy

Abbey Road Wall—Mohamad Khalid

AiCiLow(Laney)_224398_Assignment1_Brick copySuper Mario Wall—Ai Ci Lo

JoanneNataprawira_ShadowWall copy

Scary Wall—Joanne Nataprawira


Music Wall—Melika Mehdizadeh

PA270069Red Violin—Melika Mehdizadeh


The Joker/Heath Ledger Wall—Sandalie Seneviratne

takuya copy

Gift-Box Wall—Takuya Matatsumoto


Michael Jackson’s Feet—Kathryn Ko


Hitting a Brick Wall—Georgie Stokes


Optical Illusion—Marc Cheeng Ming Ern