More King Corky

save0554.jpgsave0571.jpgThe dreamy eyed Geoff Corke in his cardboard crown as King Corky and the very lovely Susan Gaye Anderson appearing on The Tarax Show. What a colourful set for black and white television! We never guessed.

5 thoughts on “More King Corky

  1. How lovely to see these pics. For people of my age this is just lovely. I preferred Uncle Norman, but he was not right for TV. He was a true radio man.
    Corky looked almost bored when I went to see it live as a kid.
    The real star was Ron Blasket and he was great with the kids.

  2. Derham your interest in the Tarax show is not wasted. You can be assured one person (I think many more) are still fascinated by this era. I recall it with great affection.
    Of course I will never forget the famous slide on UNcle Normans grand entrace to TV.
    King Corky often looked as though he would rather be else where .

  3. One tends to forget that the Channel Nine Children’s Show started off as the The Happy Show sponsored by Tarrax, becoming the Tarax Happy Show. Hammond was replaced by Norma Swain and ultimately Geoff Corke. Eventually and for purely financial reasons, the show was replaced by a series of ‘B’ movies featuring Bomba The Jungle Boy. After getting the ‘flick’ from Nine, Hammond went to Channel Seven and recreated a similar show with Princess Panda (Panda Lisner) John Dees, Bob Horsefall and the Lovely Ann. Whereas nine had Joff Ellen and Professor Ratbaggy as its resident clowns; Seven had Vic (Funny Face) Gordon in that role The shows both had magicians, Bernard the Magician on Nine and Para on Seven, Nine had Ron Blaskett the ventriloquist with ‘dolls’Gerry Gee, Geraldine Gee, Adolphus Twerke and Tommy Tarax.. Seven had Ian (?) who worked with Sylvester the Sock.

    Nine’s female crew members were Susan Gaye Anderson, Elaine McKenna, Patty McGrath and Evie Hayes.

    Among the semi regular guests at Nine were Frank Rich, Buster Fiddess, Denver Dixon and Bonnie Muir. Margot Sherridan was te resident pianist and Laurie Wilson the organist

    Nine also featured TV Stars of Tomorrow, the Pedal Club with Maurie Kerby, the TV dentist and numerous OB’s.

    Regarding Norman Swain (Uncle Norman) he indeed came from Radio, Before Joining Nine he had hosted a number of Children’s programs as ‘Billy Bouncer’ often with Binnie Lum and featuring Merka Mouse, Reggie Rat and their nemesis Old Man Cough Cold all voiced by Swaine.

    Swain also hosted a mid morning program with Ron Kadee aimed at suburban house wives. Although never heard, Swain frequently referred to an elderly female neighbor , old Mrs Diddlefunks.

    One could go on forever; it was all great yet simple entertainment; innocent and most certainly unique.

  4. James, thanks for your great recollections! Just one small point: Geoff Corke was ultimately replaced by Norman Swain, not the other way around. Cheers 🙂

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