Big Chief Little Wolf vs. Sammy Stein

Recently I purchased an autograph book that once belonged to John E. Forrest of Marrickville N.S.W. In 1947 he collected the autographs of many local and overseas sporting identities, including the boxers Ken Bailey and Vic Patrick; the cricketer Keith Miller; the wrestlers Al Costello (who wrestled with Roy Heffernan in the USA as the Fabulous Kangaroos), Dutch Hefner, Sammy Stein (also a NFL footballer), and Big Chief Little Wolf; and even the photojournalist Frank Hurley who, when he wasn’t photographing the Antarctic with Ernest Shackleton, was photographing the wrestling. It’s a great collection of 42 signatures.

3 thoughts on “Big Chief Little Wolf vs. Sammy Stein

  1. I have a scrap book now in ageing condition that I started a s a boy of 9. Every week my father took me to Festival Hall to see the wrestling and I was so fortunate that he always got us ringside seats. Big Chief Little Wolf we all loved and I saw his much discussed bouts with bad man La Verne Baxter. My favourite and I have cards from was Dutch Hefner and my late grandfather always called me Dutch.Jumping Jack Claybourne, australian Fred Atkins Danny Dusek, and my father favourite Sando Zsabo. One of the great bouts was when Dutch would wrestle Sandor…Backbrakers v Sleigh rides.

    I also loved the boxing and often we would go and see the fights too…Dave sands russell sands Mickey tollis George Barnes and in my teens my favourite George Bracken.

    I have all these memories in a 60 year old tattered scrap book and autograph book to look back on ands enjoy reminissing of the great times at Festival Hall with my brother john and my late dfad Marshall

  2. Laverne Baxter was my dad and I really appreciate your comments. Its nice to see a fan even if he played the bad

  3. deb I have a picture of your dad in my scrap book showing him about to hit the referee over the head with the old wooden “Round ” signs …he was a tough wrestler…. an the “bad” man but could he wrestle…a great entertainer too

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