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The Latest on A.W. Purnell

A Melbourne office building designed by Arthur Purnell in the late 1950s. Purnell loved flash cars and drove a Studebaker at the time, which may well be the car shown in this sketch. I’ve just received a $20,000 research grant … Continue reading

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Yet More Views of Linton

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There’s No Place Like Holmes

Following is the front cover for my next book, There’s No Place Like Holmes: Exploring Sense of Place Through the Sherlock Holmes Stories and the text for the back cover. It will be published in March 2008. ‘Derham Groves has … Continue reading

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You’ve Got to Laugh … or Cry

I’m committed to the notion of everydayness and to recording day-to-day events on this blog. Most things that happen are good, but occasionally you’re served a shit sandwich. My car was stolen in front of our house on Friday night. … Continue reading

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More Views of Linton

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The Travels of Peter E. Sayers: Nandi to San Francisco

More from Peter E. Sayers’ travel diary: Saturday 14 February, Nandi, Fiji We had about 1 1/4 hours at Nandi then we took off and landed at Canton Is. just before dawn next morning. (Date still 14th.) As Canton is … Continue reading

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Men in Hats

So far I’ve managed to contact two of the nine young men who travelled to the USA in 1959 with Peter E. Sayers. Apparantly their fathers had travelled to the USA in 1929 on a tour that was organised by … Continue reading

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Lewis Vincent Groves

Dad died two years ago today. He was a lovely bloke and I miss him a lot. He had simple pleasures, like having a bet on the horses. ‘It’s an interest,’ he used to say. When he got sick towards … Continue reading

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