Danish de Luxe

Danish de Luxe was a furniture company founded by Neville Askanasy, John Westacott and Borg Gjorstvang, which operated in Melbourne, Australia, between the late 1950s and the early 1990s. They made some wonderfully comfortable and stylish chairs, including the Adeena chair (pictured), which was the company’s version of an Eames Lounge chair. Recently I purchased a pair of these chairs. As well as manufacturing furniture for domestic consumption, both in Australia and overseas, Danish de Luxe also manufactured chairs for the Australian Pavilion at EXPO 67 in Montreal, the Australian Academy of Science building in Canberra, and the Sydney Opera House. Danish de Luxe deserves more credit and recognition than they have received.

3 thoughts on “Danish de Luxe

  1. I have a Danish de Luxe chair which I purchased new around 1983
    It is very much loved but in need of minor repairs
    Do you know anywhere in Melbourne (I live in Glen Iris) where I could have these repairs done or where I could source spare parts (screws etc)
    Hope to hear from you

    Kay Szonert

  2. I remember working at Danish Deluxe, which was in Huntingdale, during my school holidays in the ’60’s. It’s furniture was really superb. It was a hive of activity, to use the cliche. I have often wondered just what happened to it. I had met the three partners that you mentioned above and still see them clearly in my mind’s eye.

  3. @Kay-I have recently come across The House of Recliners in Camberwell (Hartwell) and they had a couple of Danish Deluxe pieces on display. Perhaps they can assist you with the restoration.(I also own Danish Deluxe furniture which is why their display caught my attention 🙂

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