The “Happy” Autograph Album

While a little ‘beaten up’, this autograph album contains the signatures of some pioneers of Melbourne television: Abdul (World Championship Wrestling); “Happy” Hammond; Jeffery Lenner; Buster Fiddes; Danny Webb; Michael Williamson; Old Dad (Roy Lyons); John Darcy; Jocelyn Terry; Vikki Hammond; Vic Gordon; Sydney Heylen; Honest John (Gilbert); Jennie Ham; Joy Fountain; Philip Brady; Bob Moors; Kevin Colson; Patti McGrath; Susan Gaye Anderson; Randy Ross; Joff Ellen; Ron (Blaskett) & Gerry Gee; Prof. Ratbaggy (Ernie Carroll); and Sloppo the Clown.

The Three (actually Four) Stooges + One

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Thumbnail sketches of (L-R) Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, and Shemp Howard—four absolute comic geniuses. Moe, Curly and Shemp were brothers. When Curly died, Shemp took his place. But not many people know there was another Howard brother, Johnny, who was extremely unfunny: