The Larry Fine Look


Portrait of me (above) looking like Larry Fine (left), the middle, and my favourite, Stooge. Recently I read a review of the popular TV series House, which claimed that this show could never have been made had it not been for The Sopranos. This got me thinking. The Sopranos could never have been made had it not been for The Three Stooges, in my view. The same could also be said for several other classic TV shows, such as Seinfeld and The Simpsons. What brilliant, and sadly underrated, performers Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp were. They were true surrealists.

A.W. Purnell Exhibition in China

Recently I attended the opening of an exhibition and symposium on the work of the Australian architect Arthur Purnell at the Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion, which Purnell designed in 1907, in Guangzhou, China. It was a very formal affair involving a ribbon cutting ceremony (I’m at the end on the left). I think Purnell would have been pleased.